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Handmade Gifts

Heather BouwhuizenComment

I wonder when I give a handmade gift to a someone, if they are just like "Um...great.  Nice.  You MADE something for me.  Awesome."  (insert sarcastic tone here)

Or if they genuinely like what I give them? 



It takes so many hours to make a handmade gift for someone.  Really.  If it's a quilt, turn hours into days or even weeks, depending on how complicated it is and it's size. I know handmade isn't the latest electronic gadget (don't worry, as soon as the new iPhone 6s is out, they'll start advertising the iPhone 7.  There will always be a new gadget to buy!), and it's not the latest home fashion item from the newest Pottery Barn catalog. 


What it is, is a person, whom you know, cares enough about you, to plan, select fabric, purchase fabric (which can run into hundreds of dollars for a large quilt--trust me, even small projects using fabric can be expensive!), cut the fabric, and then sew it into something for you.  Not for anyone else.  Just for you.  Something completely unique and wonderful, made just for you. 


There is something special about receiving a handmade gift.  Whether the person made it themselves, asked their wife to make it for them, or purchased it on ETSY, or other handmade sites.  They bought or made a handmade item,  something truly unique, for you.  It's like an awesome, warm, handmade hug.