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Memory Jean Quilt

Heather BouwhuizenComment

Recently, I had a repeat customer approach me with a project using jeans.  I've worked with jean material in the past, on a project for my husband, and it was a bit of a pain.  You must use special needles and thread.   The project for my husband turned out great, so I was excited to work with jeans again.

This is the practice quilt I made.

This is the practice quilt I made.


This was a special project for my customer.  The jeans belonged to a friend of hers that passed away recently.  Her friend was a quilter too, so I set out to make her proud!

I did a practice version of the quilt before diving in with the jeans.  In the end, we decided to use the pockets of the jeans as the centers of the stars on the quilt.  I used other pieces of the jeans to make up some of the squares and the points of the stars.  The fabric palette was limited (only 2 other fabrics!) which really allowed the jeans to shine as the center piece of the quilt. 

I'm happy with the quilt.  My customer says she's happy with the quilt too.

My advice to those thinking of making a similar project with jeans:  Change your needle often.  Make sure you are using jean thread.  And cut the fabric carefully.  But have fun!  It's not hard and the end product is awesome!