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Heather BouwhuizenComment

At this time, I have taken down my "design your own quilt" listings. You will still find military uniform and T shirt quilts listed under this heading in my shop.

After much consideration, I have found that these quilts are too difficult to set a single price for. Often times, I have to order from many different locations to get the fabric that I need, and this costs me additional shipping costs. If the fabric is out of print, I might have to pay more per yard than I normally would. This cuts into the small profit margin that I make on the quilt, and in some cases, I have broken even on making the quilt, or had a few cases where I've had to pay additional money out of my pocket to make a quilt for someone else. This isn't good for business, and it isn't good for me. I love to make things for other people, but it has to provide a little income for my family. Otherwise, it just creates a financial burden on my family, and I am unwilling to be the cause of that burden.

I'd be happy to help you design a quilt that is uniquely yours, but I would have to price them on a case by case basis. The price of your quilt be effected by the cost of the materials that go into making your quilt. I hope you understand.