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A quilt for my bed

Heather BouwhuizenComment

So, each of my 6 kids has at least one quilt for their bed.  Several of them have more than one quilt.  

This is the top of quilt one.

This is the top of quilt one.

My bed?  No quilt.  There are quilts all over the US and on Australia, that I've made, adorning beds.  My bed- not a quilt to be found!  

This is the back of quilt 1

This is the back of quilt 1

I'm working on fixing that.  I actually just finished the tops to two (TWO!) king size quilts, and they will be for me!  

I just sent both of them to the quilters to be long arm quilted.  I expect they will be back in about 2 months.  So in two months, I will have not one, but two!!, quilts for my bed.  

I'm quite proud of these two quilts too.  They were challenging projects, and they turned out better than expected! 



This is the top of quilt 2.  I actually didn't take a picture of this quilt all put together, but you get the idea here, I think.