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Homeschooling update

Heather BouwhuizenComment

Dare I say it?  We've had a great homeschooling year this year.  We are nearing the end of year 4, and it has been a smooth one.  Busy, but smooth.  

Next year, we will add Delilah to the mix.  She will officially be in kindergarten.   Oh, and I will have a high schooler too.  I'm pretty nervous about high school, but I have all summer to fret about that. 


Discovery K12 has been awesome.  Billie at Discovery K12 has been awesome answering all of my questions.  We have supplemented a little.  They kids are doing Easy Grammar (hands down the best grammar program I have found).  And we have a workbook for the older two for test prep.  That is just to make sure that they know what they need to know for their standardized CAT test that they will take in May.  They are about 1/2 way through the book, and so far, so good.  Only a few topics they needed additional instruction on.

We've been on some great field trips this year: The Apple Store, Snow Tubing, an Art Museum.  And we have a few more planned before the year is through. 

My oldest two home schoolers got to spend time learning how to operate a sewing machine (you have to know that was going to be in there!!).  They spent the weekend sewing together some 2.5" squares together.  We learned about 1/4" seams, and why they are important.


We've kept up with our home school gym program.  It is at our local YMCA, and my kids enjoy it very much.  This is our fourth year attending.


We've also kept up with all our extra activities too: horseback riding and soccer seem to be the ones that dominate our time the most.  There has also been some tutoring in writing for the older two.  This is an area that I do not feel comfortable teaching, so I've found an expert to give them proper lessons.

Anyway, it's been a good year.  But, we are very much looking forward to summer break!

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