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Testing Week

Heather BouwhuizenComment

Our state (Virginia) requires that our children take a standardized test (CAT) as our measure of progress.  We have until August to have the test complete, but we use it as an end mark to our "school year".   Needless to say, they kids can't wait to get their test done!


It's a bit of a process.  I have to administer the test to each child separately, since they are all in different grades.  Rhys is done (yeah!), and Cameron has done the first part.  By the end of the week, we'll be returning the tests to be graded.

Ava and Pax, working hard  

Ava and Pax, working hard  


Testing week creates anxiety in the house.  As homeschoolers, the kids aren't really used to taking tests.  They might have an open book quiz as we work through their texts, but really, I just gauge whether they understand a topic by the work they produce daily.   So we aren't used to tests.