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The Child Who Resists Schooling

Heather Bouwhuizen2 Comments

Most families I know, have a child that doesn't want to "do" school.  They pout, the procrastinate, they make trouble.. .. 

This is my "difficult" child:  



She is sitting at the pool, the first day of summer for her siblings, finishing the school work she didn't get finished during the year.  She didn't complete a single question in her book while we were at the pool.  She is stubborn.  She is independent.  

I think Ava has an independent spirit.  Part of me cheers this independence, and part of me wishes she would just conform!!  She is sassy, and sometimes rude, and always a challenge.  But she's also thoughtful and creative and tends to look at the world in a way I have never considered.   


So, how do you handle your challenging child?  


We have found frequent breaks help.  Making things interesting helps some too.  Playing games, instead of flash cards.  She is fiercely competitive-- so, having her compete with siblings can be helpful (although this sometimes backfires).   We are always looking for ideas-- so please share. :) 


After I posted this, I realized I should add something.  I think we would be having this problem if she were in public school too.  In fact, she did go to public school in Kindergarten, and spent much of her year separated from the other students because she would refuse to participate. 


Thank you for reading.