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Why I love My Fitbit

Heather BouwhuizenComment

There - I said it.  I'm in love with my Fitbit.  Best piece of technology I've bought since my sewing machine ( I love my Janome- but that's a whole other post).  


Here are the things my Fitbit have done for me: 

1.  It made me realize that I was sedentary!  I had no idea.  I chase six kids all day.  I get up early and go to bed late.  I'm always busy.  Apparently, busy does not equal active.  Who knew?   I wore my Fitbit for three days without making any changes.  My best day was 3000 steps!  Whoa.  I average 12,000 steps a day now.  Now, I am active.

2.  My blood pressure was a problem in my last two pregnancies.  And quite honestly, it's been in the "need to start making changes" zone for two years.  I've owned my Fitbit since February 14th (yes, I asked for it for Valentines Day, and no, I'm not unhappy that my husband listened to me!), and I'm proud to say my blood pressure is perfect again! 

3.  It's helped me lose 10 lbs, and keep them off.  I have a lot more work to do ( my diet needs help, and weight training needs to be added), but I'm a work in progress.  And 10 pounds gone is 10 pounds gone.  

4.  My Fitbit motivated my husband!  He has a desk job and he works from home.  He'd get out of bed, walk to his office and sit at his computer all day.  Since I got him his very own Fitbit (that he asked for after he saw how awesome my fitbit is), he has constructed a treadmill desk, and now walks during the day instead of sitting!  His cholesterol has been high for years.  It's now under control, without medication!   His doctor calls it "controlled by diet and exercise."  Thank you Fitbit. 

5.  It's been good for my marriage.  Most evenings, my husband and I put on our tennis shoes, and head out for a walk.  Together.  With six kids running around, this 30-45 minutes in the evening has been a great time for us to catch up.  He's the one I've chosen to spend my life with, and it's so great to actually talk to him!!  

6.  It has helped me find sleep again.  I've had trouble sleeping for years. The more active I am, the better I sleep.  It's been great. 

I have the Fitbit Charge HR.  It's expensive, but I feel like it was money well spent.  Lots of my friends have the Fitbit, and we are having tons of fun challenging each other.  (nothing like a little competition to get you moving!) 


Now, keep in mind, these are all the reasons I love my Fitbit.  I love it enough to share them with you.  I'm not a doctor, so you should probably see your doctor if you have health concerns.  These are changes we have noticed since we have started using our Fitbit's.  Could they be coincidental- absolutely.  I'm not giving you medical advice, just sharing our story! 


Thank you for reading.


Here is it.  In all her beauty.  I thought I would hate wearing her, but I don't.  I love it.


This is the screen on my iPhone Fitbit App.  It's very motivating.


This is the challenge screen on my iPhone Fitbit App.  As you can see, I'm always busy with a few challenges.  Some I win, some I don't.