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"Mom! Ava stole my socks!"

Heather BouwhuizenComment

This is probably the most common phrase in my house.  Seriously.  And sure enough- Ava is wearing her sister's socks.... Again!!  


Oh, and it's totally common place to have a basket of socks and underwear in the living room, waiting to be sorted.  Why?  Because I have 5 kids running around, and they grow so fast, I can't remember who wears what size.  Add to the fact that they have passed down their too small under garments and socks, and you've got a mess I tell ya! 

So, today, I had them go through their drawers and remove all their miss matched socks and too small underwear.  I went to the store, and everyone got new underwear and socks. 

You'd this this is no big deal, but seriously, the kids were over the moon ( perhaps I should by them new undies and socks more often 😂😂). 

Wanna know what else was in my cart? A permanent fabric marker.  All the kids now sport the first letter of their name on their socks and undies (Ash and Ava for the names that both start with A).  



I got this brilliant idea from my dad.  Growing up, I sported an H on all of my socks.  I hated it at the time, but totally see how brilliant it was!


 Now, I'm off to easier laundry sorting days!!